Used with safety warning signs to limit access and/ or to prevent entering or exiting an area where work on energized electrical work is to be performed. They must not be placed closer than the limited approach boundary. If the arc flash boundary is larger than the limited approach, then it is placed no closer than the larger of the two.

Should not be placed where it could interfere with entering or exiting an area in the event of an arc flash incident.

Barricades must not be made of conductive materials where likely to increase the hazard of electrical exposure.

To protect an unqualified person from entering the limited approach boundary utilize one or more of the following:

  • Barrier tape: Clearly marked.
  • Orange cones
  • Signage: Properly worded
  • Plastic Chain: Non-conductive.
  • Attendant: To warn other personnel approaching the area.



Figure 1: Barrier Tape and Plastic Chain