Video Discussion Questions

Optional to discuss as a group or self-examination.

If one of the incidents in the video had happened to you, how would it have changed your life or the life of your family?


Have you ever experienced an arc flash? What happened? Did you change any safety practices in your work after the incident? What were they?


What are some behaviors that you can change to help prevent an arc flash incident to yourself and/or to your fellow electricians?


What are some of the excuses electricians use for not wearing appropriate PPE?


In general, as electricians become more experienced, do you think their safety habits change? How?


After viewing this video, which, if any, of your own safety work habits would you like to change?


Do you have any suggestions for your supervisor that you feel could help prevent an arc flash incident from happening to you or any of your coworkers?


What suggestions do you have for your company to help prevent arc flash incidents?

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Figure 1: Arc Flash Awareness Electricians