South Carolina manufacturers are stepping up to help communities recover from the record flooding. Boeing, Milliken, and Proterra are among many companies making donations to the American Red Cross. Others, like Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, Lowes, and von Drehle Corp, are helping out with food and goods donations.

Alamo Colleges and the City of San Antonio launched a free job training program for residents of the San Antonio Promise Zone. Promise Zones receive federal funding to help reduce poverty and expand economic and educational opportunities. One focus of the program is training young people to take the place of the aging workforce. Officials believe that participants should expect immediate job placement after completing the training. In addition, San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor believes the efforts will entice employers to consider the San Antonio area when opening new locations. She said that an employer's greatest consideration in coming to a new city isn’t a tax abatement — it’s whether there are enough skilled workers to meet the company’s demand.

The Danville Community College Educational Foundation has established the Rosalie C. Mead Women in Manufacturing Scholarship to help set-up women for successful careers in advanced manufacturing. Awarded annually, the scholarship is a financial incentive to encourage females to enroll in the Integrated Machining Technology program at the Gene Haas Center for Integrated Machining. The scholarship is also a way to reinvest in the future of the local economy, ensuring growth of industry in the community.

The Murfreesboro, TN community could soon see an increase an advanced manufacturing jobs thanks to a new Nissan auto parts manufacturer. The unnamed manufacturer wants to build a factory in Murfreesboro. Before it can move forward, City Council needs to approve rezoning the selected site. Another manufacturer planning a move to the area is Topre America, who is investing more than $50 million in the Smyrna community and creating 105 jobs paying an average salary of $45,000 per year plus benefits.

Kendall County, Texas is the selected site for a new AJW Architectural Products warehouse. The new facility will employ about 120 people in manufacturing-related jobs. A second phase operations move to the area could mean additional growth.

BridgeValley Community and Technical College is stepping up the bar for education-to-work programs with the help of Toyota. Four of their college students have recently graduated from the developed Toyota Advanced Manufacturing Program at BridgeValley. This program not only provides classroom knowledge, but also the real life hands on experience that Toyota was looking for in their graduating new hires.


The program involves 2 days a week of classroom technical training and 3 days of firsthand manufacturing processes training. Not only is this Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program beneficial to Toyota, but also to the students in the community. This new form of education is a great way to guarantee jobs for recent graduates as well as provide Toyota with knowledgeable and experienced workers.

In January, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced funding for a new center in Florida dedicated to helping the state’s small and medium-size manufacturers innovate and grow.


Known as FloridaMakes, the center will offer manufacturers services that will help them develop new products and customers, expand into new markets, adopt new technologies and more.

What's your metro area's quality of life (QOL)? A high QOL can attract more entrepreneurs and the highly-skilled workers they employee. Promoting low crime rates, low poverty levels, access to recreational facilities, and high educational attainment can differentiate your metro area and spur the new business growth your community needs.

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