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Hydraulic Power Unit

The Hydraulic Power Unit is the D-Pak Series manufactured by the Parker Hannifin Corporation, located on the Unload Conveyor Unit. This system consists of a Drive Motor, Pump, Reservoir, Heat Exchanger, a Low-Level Warning Float Switch and various Pressure Switches, a Return Filter, Directional Control Valve.

The Hydraulic Power Unit operates at pressures of up to 207 bar (3002 PSI) and serves the hydraulic motor powering the Transfer Conveyor system via a roller chain drive unit.

The Hydraulic Reservoir is a 18.9 liter (5 gallon) tank that has a Breather (Venting) Fill cap, Oil Level Visual Gauge with Thermometer, System Pressure Relief Valve with Unloading Valve pressure control, .75 KW, 1 HP Pump Motor, Pressure and Return Port Block with Safety Relief Valve, a Float Switch / Temperature Sensor. The Breather / Fill Cap allows air to pass between the inside of the reservoir and the environment without contamination. This ensures no pressure will build up in the reservoir while the system is running. The unit is equipped with a combination Float / Temperature Switch is a two (2) setting switch that has a shut down low level and/or a fixed temperature 65.6 °C (150 °F). This will ensure that if the level goes too low, the machine will not be able to run until the reservoir is correctly refilled and that the machine cannot run if the hydraulic fluid is too hot. The Return Filter is a cellulous type, spin-on rated to 10 micron size particles with 1.03 bar (15 PSI) indicator gauge.

The Hydraulic Pump draws fluid from the reservoir tank and sends it to the hydraulic motor unit which powers the unload conveyor roller system through a roller chain drive. The return line leads back to the Hydraulic Filter where any contaminants picked up in the system will be filtered out of the fluid. The cleaned fluid is then returned to the Hydraulic Reservoir.

The following components are located on the hydraulic power unit:

* Hydraulic Reservoir Tank

* 1 HP Pump Motor

* Dump Valve (Electrically operated)

* Pressure and Return Port Manifold Block

* Adjustable Pressure Reducing (Unloading) Valve

* Pressure Gage with Needle Valve

* Hydraulic Tank Low Level Switch (Float Switch / Temperature Sensor)

* Breather Fill Cap

* Oil Level Visual Gauge with Thermometer

* Spin-on Return Filter with Indicator Gage

* Tank Drain Ball Valve

Select the "AIMSS Hydraulic Controls Drawings" link below to view controls drawings on the Hydraulic Power Unit.

AIMSS Hydraulic Controls Drawings

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