General Elect Maintenance

General Electrical Maintenance

This portion of the maintenance module describes maintenance procedures that are performed on electrical components. Detailed maintenance information for some devices might not be included. In these cases, refer to the vendor-supplied literature and reference drawings for more information.

Electrical Panel Devices

* The first and most important role of maintaining clean and operational panel devices is to keep all electrical panel doors tightly closed and sealed. Closed doors will prevent chips and dust from settling on the components and shortening their life expectancy.

Motor Starters

* General purpose motor starters require little maintenance other than keeping the starter clean and in proper working condition. Contacts should be replaced only if worn thin. If contacts are discolored or pitted, do not file or dress them in any way.


* Contacts and relays are used for switching, controlling and interlocking power and control circuits. Although these devices differ widely in size and ratings, all require similar service and maintenance attention. They should always be kept clean and replaced whenever found to be faulty.

Limit and Proximity Switches

* Inspect all limit and proximity switches for proper operation, electrical connection and ensure that all mounting screws are tightened. Check actuation position of the limit switch arm (if applicable) for fatigue, wear and connection to limit switch body. Replace the limit switch if faulty. Service Interval: Monthly

Operator Interface Panel Indicator and Warning Lights

* At the start of each shift, the Operator should check ALL panel lights. When a lamp housing is pressed, it should light. If a light does not illuminate when depressed, replace the malfunctioning bulb immediately. It is not safe to operate the system with any malfunctioning indicator or warning lights.

External Wiring

* The electrical component that will show signs of deterioration is external wiring (any and all) that moves with the machine. Eventually, wiring in continuous motion exhibits signs of fatigue in the wiring insulation. This wiring should be replaced as soon as possible.

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