Main Control Panel Electrical Disconnect Lockout Points

Main Control Panel Electrical Disconnect/Lockout Points

Main Electrical Disconnect Switch

This is the main disconnect switch used to disable power in the main electrical cabinet. It is also used in the ECPL lockout procedure as the principle lockout point.

This device also disables power to the hydraulic system, pneumatic panel, the conveyor system as well as the robot and robot controller.

The electrical lines coming into the control cabinet are still live when the Main Electrical Disconnect Switch has been turned off. Electrical Safety Switch Disconnect

An electrical switchbox is mounted externally on the side of the main electrical control panel. It is used for the purposes of training to ensure the safety of the students and faculty. It disables electrical power upstream of the electrical disconnect switch on the main electrical panel to ensure the interior components are completely isolated. It is equipped to be used as a lockout point.

Auxiliary Electrical Cable Breakers/Lockouts

There are three external power distribution cables and breakers / lockouts at the rear of the control panel to remote components on the conveyor system that will be de-energized when the main electrical disconnect is disabled. They can be used to disable power downstream of the main control panel if necessary.

They are identified as follows:

* Blue - Robot / robot controller power

* Red - Hydraulic power

* Black - Load conveyor motor power

The robot control panel (on some units) have a separate electrical disconnect which will disable power to the controller unit and robot. However, be aware that power may remain on for certain safety circuits.

Main Electrical Panel/J-Box Door Locks

The main electrical panel and junction boxes uses door handles which may require a special key, tool (hex key or screwdriver) or pushbutton to allow access.

Note: When maintenance, troubleshooting, or service task is complete, close all panel doors, and if applicable lock, then return the locking mechanism key or tool to its storage place.

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