Probject-Based Learning:  Basic Electricity (3 Credits)

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Part One - 1 Credit

Unit 1:  Safety

Unit 2:  Calculator Use and Scientific Notation

Unit 3 - Part 1:  Atomic Structure

Unit 3 - Part 2:  Insulators, Conductors, and Semi-Conductors

Unit 3 - Part 3:  Electrical Charge

Unit 3 - Part 4:  Voltage and Methods of Generation

Unit 3 - Part 5:  Current

Unit 3 - Part 6:  Resistance

Unit 3 - Part 7:  Electric Circuits

Unit 4 - Part 1:  Fundamental Voltage Generation

Unit 4 - Part 2:  Conductor Sizing

Unit 4 - Part 3:  Fuses and Circuit Breakers

Unit 4 - Part 4:  Resistor Color Code

Unit 4 - Part 5:  Schematic Diagrams

Part Two - 1 Credit

Unit 5:  Ohm's Law

Unit 6:  Other Basic Circuit Fundamentals

Unit 7:  Magnetism

Unit 8:  AC Characteristics

Unit 9:  Oscilloscopes and Function Generators

Part Three - 1 Credit

Unit 10:  AC Circuits

Unit 11:  Capacitance

Unit 12:  Trig Functions

Unit 13:  Capacitors and AC

Unit 14:  Inductance

Unit 15:  Inductance and AC

Unit 16:  Transformers

Unit 17:  RLC Circuit

Unit 18:  Thevenin’s Theorem

Unit 19:  Troubleshooting

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