Probject-Based Learning:  Welding Curricula

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CIMWD 100:  Weld Joint Design & Preparation - Safety / Joint Design

CIMWD 101:  Weld Joint Design & Preparation - Welding Code / Weld Measurement / Hand Tools

CIMWD 102:  Weld Joint Design & Preparation - Material Cutting, Grinding, and Fabrication

CIMWD 110:  Shielded Metal Arc Welding - Flat and Horizontal Welding

CIMWD 111:  Shielded Metal Arc Welding - Vertical Welding

CIMWD 112:  Shielded Metal Arc Welding - Overhead Welding

CIMWD 120:  Gas Tungsten Arc Welding - Safety and Technology

CIMWD 121:  Gas Tungsten Arc Welding - Steel and Stainless Steel - Flat and Horizontal

CIMWD 122:  Gas Tungsten Arc Welding - Steel and Stainless Steel - Vertical

CIMWD 123:  Gas Tungsten Arc Welding - Aluminum

CIMWD 130:  Gas Metal Arc Welding - Flat and Horizontal

CIMWD 131:  Gas Metal Arc Welding - Vertical and Overhead

CIMWD 210:  Pipe Welding - 2G and 5G Welding

CIMWD 211:  Pipe Welding - 6G Welding

CIMWD 212:  Pipe Welding - Socket and Flange Welding

CIMWD 220:  Tool and Die Welding - Technology

CIMWD 221:  Tool and Die Welding - GTAW

CIMWD 222:  Tool and Die Welding - SMAW

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