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The Multi-State Advanced Manufacturing Consortium supports the national development of competency-based education curriculum to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry.

PSCC was one of 13 community colleges involved in the TAACCCT federal grant. Learn more at the M-SAMC website.

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For more information about Advanced Manufacturing programs at Pellissippi State contact:

Pat Riddle

(865) 694-6514


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M-SAMC Insights from Pellissippi State Community College

Teri Brahams, Executive Director or Economic & Workforce Development at Pellissippi State Community College discusses how M-SAMC has benefitted the school.

Pat Riddle, M-SAMC Implementation Facilitator at Pellissippi State, shares why the open lab concept is important to skill set development.


Hear other M-SAMC Implementation Facilitators talk about "The Changing College Curriculum" and learn what they think is important for the transition to competency-based learning in higher education.

Pat Riddle Implementation Facilitator at Pellissippi State Community College, shares why being a part of the Multi-State Advanced Manufacturing Consortium (M-SAMC) is beneficial.

Pellissippi State Community College News

Innovate Manufacturing will locate its first U.S. headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. Mayor Tim Burchett is pleased with the decision the China-based company has made because they will be investing $4.7 million in building upgrades and renovations as well as creating 50 new jobs in Knox County.

Manufacturing jobs have quickly become high-tech and high-paying, making them more attractive to a growing number of people. Tennessee is the number one state for auto manufacturing in the Southeast. With Knoxville being at the center of a number of surrounding auto assembly plants, this has resulted in 13,152 manufacturing jobs in the area.

The Manufacturing Day survey results are in, and events held around the U.S. have positively impacted the perception of the industry and its career options. Both students and educators are more aware of manufacturing jobs in their communities, and both found events and activities held interesting and engaging. Check out the survey for more results.

Brenda Hale is a three-time Pellissippi State college student. She's a non-traditional student continuing to enhance her knowledge and skills through Pellissippi State's programs. Brenda keeps coming back to Pellissippi State because as she says, "...the education I receive here is going to be what employers are looking for." Brenda is currently enrolled in the Engineering Technology/Mechanical Engineering degree program and is also studying 3D printing.

In celebration of Manufacturing Day, Pellissippi State is hosting a 3D printing workshop.


Workshop highlights include:

· Learn the basics of the additive manufacturing processes.

· Gain hands-on experience with the modeling program, SketchUp

· Gather in-depth info about the range and variety of 3D printers

· Learn to access thousands of free designs online.

· Design, model and print your very own file to keep as a souvenir


For more information contact:

Sarah Graham

(865) 694-6400


Pellissippi State Community College partnered with Keurig Green Mountain Inc. to train Keurig employees how to install, troubleshoot and maintain industrial electrical systems. The workforce development program, based on Pellissippi State’s Electric Systems Technology certificate, is serving as a model for similar partnerships Keurig Green Mountain is launching across the United States. Employees completing the program earn credits towards an Associate’s degree.

Pellissippi State Community College students looking to continue their education at a four-year institution got some welcome guidance from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) administrators, academic counselors and admissions team members. During MTSU's "Paint the Colleges True Blue" tour, representatives visited Pellissippi's Hardin Valley Campus. They shared how to make the right course choices to ensure a smooth transfer to a four-year institution, and how MTSU is redesigning courses and offering enhanced advising to help with student success after transferring.

"Community colleges should be free for those willing to work for it," President Obama said in a speech delivered at Pellissippi State Community College on January 9, 2015.


This concept builds upon the "Tennessee Promise," an initiative that became law under Governor Bill Haslam's leadership. The difference,  President Obama proposes expanding the concept, calling his initiative "America's College Promise."


The idea, expand Americans' education beyond high school, to help America stay competitive in the global market. Students can get a higher education and succeed if they are given the opportunity.


Jill Biden reinforced the idea by stating, "Education, especially in community colleges is the answer to workforce issues in the U.S."

In August, General Motors (GM) announced it was moving production of the Cadillac SRX from Mexico to Spring Hill, TN. This move means a $185 million investment in the Spring Hill engine factory, plus the creation or retention of 1,800 jobs.

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